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Industrial Air Compressor Systems for CNC Machine Shops

industrial air compressor system for cnc machine shops

Computer Numerical-Controlled (CNC) Machine shops across the country rely on Q Air-California’s industrial air compressors to provide precision services for their customers. Compressed air provides fabrication capabilities for the metalworking industry to run efficiently and effectively.

How CNC Machines Use Industrial Air Compressors

CNC machines use industrial air compressors for a variety of functions in the metalworking industry.

Clear Contaminants. During the operation, CNC machines often remove pieces of metal to obtain the desired shape.  This process can leave behind dirt, oil, or dust, which can delay the manufacturing process or reduce machine accuracy.  CNC machines blast compressed air on the pieces to remove any contaminants to ensure manufacturing continues on time, and tools are accurate.

Activate Tool Changes. Compressed air is used to control tool functions such as rapid clamping, tightening, and release operations during the manufacturing process.

Initiating Robotic Systems. Pneumatic systems replace servo and electric motors by using industrial air compressors to power robotic movements.  This capability is beneficial during CNC machining motions such as lifting, transporting, or placing products.

Industrial CNC Machine Options

Many industrial CNC machines use compressed air, including:

  • CNC Mills
  • Lathes
  • Plasma Cutters
  • Electric Discharge Machines (EDMs)
  • Water Jet Cutters

Essential for CNC Machine Shops

Compressed air cleans exposed surfaces to ensure that it is sufficiently dry during the CNC machining process.  The dry air keeps metals free from moisture and corrosion throughout operations.

At Q Air-California, we understand the precision that is necessary for CNC machine shops to function at peak efficiency.  We offer a variety of industrial air compressor options to meet the high demands of the metalworking industry. To find the best industrial air compressor for your operations, contact our experienced staff at 888.311.7247.

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