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What Is A Heat Exchanger?

A heat exchanger is a device that transfers heat from compressed air. Reducing heat in the compressed air aids in getting water vapor condensed out of the air before it gets into the plant or workshop air flow.

Compressor Heat Exchangers

Heat exchangers are everywhere and there are many different kinds. So how does this affect compressed air and air compressors?

The fluid we are primarily concerned with is the compressed air exiting our compressor receiver and heading for the plant air mains and air tools, air valves, air motors, air pumps, etc. Compressed air is known as fluid power, hence my saying that air is a fluid.

The other fluid is a coolant, often surrounding the compressed air line in some types of heat exchangers.

How To Determine The Size Of Your Heat Exchanger:

  • the temperature of the compressed air as it enters the heat exchanger
  • the maximum flow of compressed air to the plant – you will want the exchanger to be sized to be able to heat exchange sufficiently at the plant’s maximum compressed air demand
  • what temperature the compressed air should be as it leaves the heat exchanger
  • how the heated water will be cooled

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