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Compressed Air Audit Company Southern California

As specialists in compressed air systems since 1946, Q Air-California offers the most comprehensive energy efficiency programs and air compressor audits in Southern California to help lower business costs & improve overall system operations.

Why Choose Q Air-California for Air & Energy Audits in Southern California?

  • We utilize the best possible equipment currently in the industry for the most accurate diagnoses & results.
  • We are certified by SoCal Edison.
  • Our auditors are certified by DOE Qualified AirMaster+ Specialists and follow the guidelines set forth by the Compressed Air Challenge and Compressed Air Best Systems Practices.
  • We utilize high speed data loggers recorded in real time system parameters.
  • We monitor & evaluate performance over a 7-14 day period in order to provide a comprehensive analysis & pinpoint areas of improvement.
  • We can help you receive rebates from SoCal Edison as we work closely with them.
  • We have improved system efficiency in over 300 documented system audits.
  • To date, Q Air-California has saved its customers over 24.5MW in power and $2.9 Million (and counting)!

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