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Is Aluminum Pipe Oxidation a Bad Thing?

These days, your customer may be asking you more detailed questions on their piping installation project. If you’ve noticed an increase in requests for aluminum piping, here’s a refresher on how to explain aluminum pipe oxidation.

Why Aluminum Pipe Oxidation Is Trending Topic Now

There has been a shift in the industry away from the use of black iron. This is because consumers have aligned the idea of clean and dry compressed air quality with product quality, and have recognized the cost-effective, high-performance value of aluminum piping. Aluminum’s lightweight properties allow for optimized assembly, and it is much cheaper than copper.

aluminum pipe oxidation

Exterior Pipe Coatings

As consumer awareness of the attributes of aluminum tubing have driven its popularity, so have a swell of additional well thought-out questions.  One question is asked with regularity, “What is done to protect the inside of the tubing”? Even though most all aluminum compressed air piping systems feature a painted or powder coated exterior, the interior of the tubing has no coating.

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