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When it comes to choosing an industrial air compressor, you need both reliability and power to perform the job at hand at the desired rate and with near-zero downtime. That is why we only distribute air compressors from the top brands in the industry.

Brands We Carry | Industrial Air Compressor Distributor, Q Air-California

With the options for centrifugal, reciprocating, and rotary air compressors, our brands include:

  • Baldor Motors – We distribute Baldor’s cutting-edge rotating equipment for various industrial fluid applications. The manufacturer is well-known for its focus on product longevity and energy savings for its range of products.
  • Chicago Pneumatic – We distribute CP’s range of stationary piston and rotary screw industrial air compressors that are ideal for a wide range of applications, from low compression to high compression requirements. These products have some of the best warranties in the industry.
  • ConservAIR® – Our partnership with Pneumatech, the supplier of ConservAIR® products and technologies gives our clients access to a range of innovative products. Most notable is the Intermediate Control (I/C) compressor that can be retrofitted to any compressed air system to allow for remote control monitoring of your system, which leads to huge energy savings.
  • Domnick Hunter – Our partnership with Domnick Hunter is key to providing our California-based industrial clients with quality, filters, dryers, and separators manufactured in strict accordance with ISO standards, which also ensures optimal performance and minimal environmental impact.
  • Great Lakes Air Dryers – Great Lakes Air manufactures robust and resilient regenerative and refrigerated air dryers and filtration solutions with outstanding warranties.
  • Kobelco America – Established in 1905, Kobelco specializes in the manufacture of compact, smooth-running screw compressors for applications that require capacities and pressures greater than centrifugal-types can deliver, but less than that offered by reciprocating compressors.
  • Kobelco KNW – Kobelco offers a wide range of hardy products that can function in the harshest environment, including oil-free screw compressors for the pharmaceutical, gas, chemical, and electronics industries.
  • Pneumatech Dryers – An innovative leader in the industry, Pneumatech offers a variety of desiccant and refrigerated dryers and compressed air filters that protect your equipment from moisture-related problems such as pollution and corrosion.
  • Quincy – Quincy offers a full-line of vacuum pumps and lubricated rotary screw industrial air compressors that feature efficient controls, compact design, and excellent serviceability, plus a 5-year warranty. Their products also offer portability for easily relocation as needed.
  • ZEKS – This brand is recognized for its exceptional range of compressed air products, including refrigerated and regenerative dryers that feature innovative designs and advanced engineering.

Q Air-California has the expertise to service and repair industrial air compressors from these leading brands in our 22,000 sq. ft. facility. We also provide installation and preventative maintenance to maximize the longevity of your equipment.

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